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What happens to a society run by a generation that is fundamentally anti-social?
That’s the question A Generation of Sociopaths tries to answer, analyzing the behaviors and experiences of the Baby Boomers – America’s largest generation, whose grip on power over the past three decades has coincided with a series of profound disappointments: slowing economic growth, disappointing progress in technological improvement, tremendous fiscal imbalances, and a toxic legacy of debt, environmental degradation, and a surprising lack of progress on a range of social issues, from income inequality to social justice.  

The book dispels conventional notions of Baby Boomers as a progressive generation and reveals them for what they truly are: a generation relentlessly devoted to their own betterment at the cost of their country and children.  From the tangled history of Vietnam (which new data show was anything but a moral success for the young Boomers) to failures from the bipartisan failures 1980s onward (it was both Republicans and Democrats who lowered taxes and gutted welfare), the book looks beyond conventional political explanations to the history of a powerful generation determined grab national wealth while leaving subsequent generations with the bill.  

A generation that has, in clinical terms, behaved sociopathically.

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Bruce Gibney

Bruce Gibney is a writer and venture capitalist and the author of What Happened To The Future, an influential early essay about the origins of America’s technological stagnation.
He has worked at a hedge fund and as a partner at Peter Thiel’s venture fund, Founders Fund.  His personal and fund investments included early stakes in Palantir Technologies, now one of the world’s biggest start-ups, Lyft, Elon Musk’s SpaceX, DeepMind (acquired by Google, and the first company to beat a human master at Go), and others.  A former lawyer, Bruce now lives in New York and San Francisco.

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A Generation Of Sociopaths will be released February 28, 2017.