A Generation of Sociopaths is Available Now

What happens  when society is run by sociopaths?  
That’s the question A Generation of Sociopaths answers, analyzing the experiences,
behaviors and politics of the Baby Boomers - for decades, the largest and most influential generation in America.  The Boomers’ grip on power, which has lasted more than thirty years and will last for at least another half decade, not only coincided with - but caused - a series of profound disappointments: slowing economic growth, decelerating innovation, tremendous fiscal imbalances, serial financial and political scandals, environmental degradation, a toxic legacy of debt, and a surprising lack of progress on a range of social issues from income inequality to social justice.  Boomer power over society, as the largest voting bloc for decades and as a majority of the nation’s legislators since the 1990s, has been near-total, and ruthlessly devoted to the promotion of the Boomers’ short-sighted self-interest. 

The book dispels conventional notions of the Boomers as a progressive generation and reveals them for what they truly are: a generation relentlessly devoted to their own enrichment at the cost of their country and children.  From the tangled history of Vietnam to bipartisan policy failures from 1980s to the present, from unprecedented imprisonment to improvident tax cuts (passed by Republicans and Democrats alike), the book looks beyond conventional political explanations of Red vs. Blue, to the real dynamic of Old vs. Young, and tells the story of  a powerful generation  grabbing  national wealth while  leaving subsequent generations with the bill.  



Bruce Gibney

Bruce Gibney is a writer and venture capitalist and the author of What Happened To The Future, an influential essay about the origins of America’s technological stagnation.
He has worked at a hedge fund and as a partner at one of Silicon Valley’s leading venture firms, Founders Fund.  His personal and fund investments included early stakes in PayPal, Palantir Technologies, now one of the world’s biggest start-ups, Lyft, Elon Musk’s SpaceX, DeepMind (acquired by Google, and the first company to beat a human master at Go), and others.  A former lawyer, Bruce now lives in New York and San Francisco. 

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Remarkable .... Impressively weighted with hard numbers and specifics, the volume serves as both an indictment of and rebuttal to a Woodstock Generation that has gleefully celebrated themselves for decades while gradually running the country into the ground ... Gibney paints a persuasive and frequently hilarious portrait of the Me Generation.
- Men's Journal

Informative, provocative, and entertaining.
- Booklist

A Generation of Sociopaths is a polemic, but what a polemic: filled with data, rich in anecdote, deadly serious yet wickedly funny.
- Alexandra Wolfe, author of Valley of the Gods

A Generation Of Sociopaths is available now.